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With the growing trend for IV treatments, our team of medical experts created Hydription to be
‘The Premier Vitamin Hydration IV Therapy Lounge’. With our own unique vitamin blends and formulations, Hydription offers optimal vitamin hydration for complete nutrient replenishment and improvement in your overall health & wellness.

our products

We offer a comprehensive IV Therapy lineup of our own unique vitamin blends and formulations to provide vitamin hydration.

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an experienced team

Our medical team of experts include highly skilled doctors and registered nurses who are professionally trained to provide exceptional IV Therapy services.

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Hydription IV Drip

Developed by our team of medical experts, our line of IV Drips 
 are our own unique vitamin blends & formulations. 

  • Migraine Hydration

    Minimize the severity of chronic headaches, stress and nausea.

    [20 min
] $172.50

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  • Energy Boost

    Recover from jet lag. Boost energy levels.
    [45 min] $172.50

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  • Hydription Blend

    All in one comprehensive blend. 

    [45 min] $210

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  • Performance Hydration

    Boost metabolism,
 strengthen muscle growth, build endurance, help with muscle fatigue & dehydration and shorten recovery time.

    Designed for beginner and
    professional athletes. 

    [45 min] $195.80

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  • Skin Hydration

    Radiate in natural, glowing skin. Combats
 aging skin. Stimulates collagen growth.
    [45 min] $172.50

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  • Immune Boosting 

    High concentration of 
 Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.
    [45 min] $172.50

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Hydription IM Boosters

The intramuscular vitamen injections. Multiple injections administered. 

  • Gluthathione

    Super antioxidants to help the body get rid of toxins.
    [5 mins 30] $37.50

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  • B12

    Boost your energy levels.
    [5 mins 30] $37.50

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  • Vita C

    Strengthen your immune system.
    [5 mins 30] $37.50

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