Hydription IV Drip

Developed by our team of medical experts, our line of IV Drips 
 are our own unique vitamin blends & formulations. 

  • Migraine Hydration

    Minimize the severity of chronic headaches, stress and nausea.

    [20 min 
] $172.50

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  • Energy Boost Hydration

    Recover from jet lag. Boost energy levels.
    [45 min] $172.50

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  • Hydription Blend

    All in one comprehensive blend. 

    [45 min] $210

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  • Performance Hydription

    Boost metabolism,
 strengthen muscle growth, build endurance, help with muscle fatigue & dehydration and shorten recovery time. Designed for beginner and
    professional athletes. 

    [45 min] $195.80

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  • Skin Hydription

    Radiate in natural, glowing skin. Combats
 aging skin. Stimulates collagen growth.
    [45 min] $172.50

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  • Immune Boosting

    High concentration of 
 Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.
    [45 min] $172.50

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  • Hangover Hydration

    Recover from the hangover symptoms of dehydration, nausea and fatigue.

    [45 min] $172.50

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  • Glutathione

    Help improve skin health, support immune function, reduce inflammation, and detoxify and rejuvenate your body. 
    [45 min] $102

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